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The importance of scheduled facilities management – Part 2: Industrial and Production Facilities

11 August 2021. By Goran

In the blog last week we covered off things to consider and look out for in buildings, so this week, we thought we would deviate slightly and look at the role of a facilities manager with particular emphasis on flooring maintenance, and the role flooring plays in the industrial sector.

Who we are – A Remedial Building Services Overview

13 May 2021. By Jeff Anderson

You may have noticed (or if you are new to the blog – welcome) our habit in these blogs is to give you a smattering of information about an area we think will add value to you, the reader. We don’t necessarily want to talk about who we are, but in this piece we make an exception. Today, we give you an overview of Remedial.

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When You Need Commercial Flooring

27 July 2020. By Goran

When it comes to flooring, here is the truth: Just because something works in a residential setting there is no guarantee that it will work well in a commercial space. Learn why and find out what you need to know.

Commercial Kitchen Floor Upgrades- Epoxy Flooring - Remedial Building Services
Characteristics of a High Quality Commercial Kitchen Floor

18 May 2020. By Hamish

When it comes to building and then fitting out a commercial kitchen, we know that very few people/companies have an unlimited budget. You're looking to find optimal solutions that help you produce great quality food at a price you can afford. But as we have discussed before it all has to start with the floor. In this blog we take a look at the characteristics which lead to a commercial kitchen floor that stands the test of time.

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How to Clean Your Resin Floor Properly

27 May 2019. By Goran

Does your business site have a resin floor and you're not sure how to clean it? If so, then read on, as we cover off all you need to know to ensure you get the most from your floor.

Remedial Team Applying Flooring Coating - Flooring Options - Remedial Building Services
Creating Safe Working Environments through Non-Slip Flooring

28 April 2019. By Hamish

You may not realise it, but the type of flooring you have in your workplace can be a factor in maintaining both the productivity and the welfare of your employees. Don’t believe us? Think about having carpet in a toilet block, or cold, raw concrete without matts behind your bar or in your production facility. In this post we discuss flooring with a focus on the importance of the right Non-slip rating

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Three Things You Should Know About Flooring

28 February 2019. By Goran

Ultimately, each type of flooring option has its own merits and there is not a single type that is ideally suited for all conditions, especially since floors serve different purposes in different types of buildings. In this blog, our head of flooring gives you three tips to help you understand why different floors need different solutions.

Signs of a Façade Which Is Cracking - Concrete Repair - Remedial Building Services
Boosting Hygiene in F&B Facilities with Commercial Kitchen Flooring

18 September 2018. By Goran

One of the most difficult things to maintain in a restaurant or commercial kitchen is high-quality standards for cleanliness. Too often, under the stress of delivering great service, employees neglect routine hygiene in production areas. But the truth is in reality, it simply can’t be ignored.

Under Flooring Equipment - Structural Repair - Remedial Building Services
The three reasons companies invest in their commercial floor

9 January 2018. By Remedial Team

No matter the change in technology, nor the industry the enquiries come from, nor the level of technical expertise of the person enquiring, we have learned that the nature of each and every flooring enquiry can be categorised as one of three things. In this blog we discuss the three ways to classify flooring.

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Why You Should Consider Commercial Flooring Alternatives

22 March 2016. By Remedial

In the past, for reasons of price or beliefs over the efficacy of the surface traditional flooring options have included sealed concrete, tiles or vinyl, but with technology constantly offering innovations in terms of construction materials and visual appeal, the options available today gives owners and managers, a lot more flooring options to consider.

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Falls on Flat Surfaces: A Commonly Overlooked Work Hazard

16 March 2016. By Russell Muller

In the past Workplace safety was something people saw as a necessary evil. Today however, Workplace safety is one of the many aspects that business owners as well as facility managers have started to prioritise, recognising that a safe workforce is more motivated and less of a financial burden. In fact, workplace safetly is not only a requirement by Australian law, but it also has a proven effect in boosting productivity, employee retention and end product quality.

Remedial Team Applying Flooring Coating - Flooring Options - Remedial Building Services
The Lifetime Value of Your Floor

17 September 2014. By Hamish Anderson

You're in business right? You know the importance of ensuring that your assets work as hard for you as possible.