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Strata Schemes need to change. Red building with signs of defects - Remedial Building Services
Why Owners’ Corporations are Unfairly Unprepared

14 August 2023. By Chris Jakovljevic

We are increasingly seeing a rise in complexity, a reduction in the available hours people have to dedicate to their Strata scheme, and an increase in the prevalence of building defects. Something needs to change.

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Balcony safety is paramount. Learn what you need to know
Ensuring your Balcony is Safe and Compliant to the Code

4 July 2023. By Chris Jakovljevic

A study released in 2020 found that over a 22 year period (1998-2019) there were 381 falls from balconies and windows. Often these were due to non-compliant balconies. In this blog we discuss what you need to know about balcony safety and upgrades

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Tall building - This requires expert working at heights knowledge
Working at Heights – What you need to know

26 June 2023. By Lorna

Australian work culture has for too long propagated a “Don’t be a wimp” attitude, which has seen employees chided for taking risk precautions. We do not subscribe to this in any shape or form and believe creating a safe work environment should be the top priority for any employer or contractor; especially true when working at heights. Read on

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Delays to undertaking repairs can lead to complications, increased repair costs (because things get worse) and lead to longer repair times as the damage is more extensive
Shining a Light on the Complexity of Property Maintenance: What Building & Strata Managers Should Know

18 May 2023. By Jeff Anderson

Inside tips regarding of the roles and responsibilities of strata managers and landlords when it comes to repairs, maintenance and property damage in New South Wales.

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Commercial Kitchen Floor - Flooring Solutions - Remedial Building Services
MMA Flooring for Food Production Facilities

26 April 2023. By Goran

Arguably, one of the most important aspects of a commercial food production facility is the flooring surface selected. Factors such as its non-slip rating, longevity, and price will all play a part in why one surface is chosen over another. In this article, we discuss why MMA is often the superior choice.

Posted in: Commercial, Flooring solutions, Non-slip flooring

Why waterproofing fails

12 March 2023. By Chris Jakovljevic

Even the most durable materials can degrade and lose their effectiveness due to exposure to environmental factors. Read on about waterproofing failures and what you can do!

Posted in: Commercial, Maintenance, Strata Management, Structural Building Repair, Waterproofing

Our safe-work approach is lead by management
Australia leads the world in WHS

25 January 2023. By Jeff Anderson

At Remedial, we take Workplace Health and Safety very seriously — Workplace safety is everyone's job. Recently we were surprised to see just how far ahead of the world we are when it comes to WHS.

Posted in: Strata, Tips and Tricks, WHS, Working at Heights

Learn more about HBCF and iCare insurance
Trust: just as important in building rectification as new construction

20 December 2022. By Chris Jakovljevic

Recently we achieved a 4/5 gold-star rating under the NSW Government’s new rating tool (iCIRT), provided by Equifax. I’m most proud our perfect score of 12/12 for industry conduct.

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Ask how Remedial can assist with your cladding requirements
A Towering Inferno – Another Cladding Fire

28 September 2022. By Jeff Anderson

A catastrophic building fire has again underscored the need for combustible cladding to be removed from the outside of buildings given just how dangerous it has proven to be once alight.

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Epoxy flooring is a safe, durable solution for garage floors
Epoxy Flooring for Garage Floors

16 September 2022. By Goran

An epoxy flooring system is an ideal choice for safeguarding your garage floor and your building occupants. Learn what makes it such an ideal solution.

Posted in: Flooring solutions, Industrial Flooring, Maintenance, Non-slip flooring

Learn why foundation repair should be tackled quickly.
The issue with delaying foundation repairs

17 August 2022. By Chris Jakovljevic

Like most things related to structural repair, deferring repairs on your structural foundations at the first signs of an issue can lead to an escalated mess. Here are our top tips and things to look for.

How to fix concrete cancer - Remedial Building Services
Ways to fix concrete cancer

23 May 2022. By Jeff Anderson

Once you find evidence of concrete spalling or concrete cancer, you need to act to prevent ongoing damage. Learn what you need about your options and how to fix concrete cancer.

Posted in: Concrete cancer, Maintenance, Residential, Strata, Structural Building Repair, Waterproofing

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