Benefits of Upgrading Residential Apartment Windows

24 January 2019
By The Remedial Team

Take away the finish of a building and the colour, and the most prominent thing many people notice is the windows: Perhaps they look worn and tired, perhaps they are old and don’t fit the look of the surrounds, maybe they are painted an odd colour.

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Whatever the case, their physical appearance often affects an apartment’s overall personality and how people view the building before they even set foot inside. Like all elements of a building, over time they need maintenance repairs or even replacement. It may not be the cheapest exercise you can undertake, but the truth is, there are multiple benefits (including getting your investment back when you sell) from upgrading the windows of the complex.In this blog we wanted to cover off the many aesthetic, practical and functional reasons why you should consider upgrading your windows.

For a facelift and fresh makeover

As part of a fresh make over, it is amazing the transformative difference new windows can make to the overall look of residential apartments. It is not just about design and aesthetics, changing the type of window or the size can improve the light and airflow indoors and enhance the ambience.

Energy Cost Savings

Windows are not all the same. Quality of manufacture, thickness of the glass, BASIX performance etc all change the specifications of a window. Given this, significant consideration should be made regarding the location, environment and specific needs the windows have. While providing a barrier from the sun, cold and everyday weather, installation of energy-efficient windows can drastically increase your tenants’ Energy Cost Saving by reducing heating and cooling bills. This can help to offset any initial outlays for the windows themselves.

Improved natural lighting and airflow

Upgrading to large windows can improve airflow through a residence increasing natural lighting. This has an immediate aesthetic and feel-good benefit, allowing you to enjoy a better view, more sun and more fresh air.

Sound-proofing and insulation

Sound pollution has become a hot topic in the selection of the right windows. No longer a fad, windows that insulate against noise have become increasingly popular in areas particularly affected by highway traffic, aircraft noise, sirens, and general life.

Weather proofing and protection

If your apartment complex is located in an area prone to an occasional bout of severe weather, (next to the beach for example) it is a smart idea to invest and upgrade to low-maintenance hardy windows that come with crack, heat, and corrosion resistance.

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With our extensive experience and access to leading manufacturers in the industry, we offer a wide range of superior solutions to fit your needs. It is worth considering a window upgrade if you want to make some big changes in your commercial or residential properties. As we see it, the long-term benefits largely outweigh the short-term pinch.