Seeking Major Structural Repair for All Sectors?

20 March 2019
By Chris

Your industrial or commercial buildings, and even apartment complexes, need regular repair and maintenance to enhance their durability, increase longevity, prolong aesthetic appeal and protect their overall investment value. It may seem burdensome but doing so will not only protect your investment; it also safeguards any guests, residents, customers, or visitors within the building each day. In short, it can stop a small problem from becoming a large and expensive one, or worse, a liability.

At Remedial, we have been working with engineers, strata managers and owners’ corporations to provide integrated building repairs, maintenance and rectification services for 50 years (Yes, this year we mark 50 years of servicing the Australian Market)!

Our wide range of expertise in building maintenance, rectification and upgrade services are tailor-made for large residential, commercial and industrial complexes, differing from those provided for single-dwelling house and building repairs.

Windows At 122 Bower Street Manly - Building Repair And Maintenance - Remedial Building Services

To elaborate further, commercial and industrial buildings are built adhering to specific codes relevant to larger buildings. Key differences with larger buildings include conformity with aspects such as a maximum occupancy limit, bathrooms with handicapped accessibility provided, fire escape plans, fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, lighting requirements, fire rating on structural elements and other things.

Safety factors or certification of amenities like elevators, more elaborate electrical and IT concerns as well and the development of parking lots or much-larger parking garages are also addressed. In short, this level of complexity is not usually required for single-dwelling buildings.

Industrial buildings are generally warehouse-like structures with factory floors where machinery works and chemicals or heavy machines are prevalent. Sure, there are supervisory office spaces, break rooms and bathrooms but the premises are distinguished by the primary work they perform onsite. And as with commercial buildings, there are general requirements for fire protection and other safety factors.

Our Focus: Large Residential, Commercial and Industrial Properties

As with all things in life, there are specialists for most things. We are specialists in larger structures – we understand them, we know what is required to fix their issues and we have the equipment and capacity to perform the required work. Similarly, there are those who are specialists in smaller residential (single dwelling) rectification. They can be more nimble and assist with those issues which require fixing.

When it comes to your larger property, we strive to work with you to understand exactly what is required, to work with the consulting engineer and to develop a solution that addresses both the issues you can see and those you cannot.  Our range of building maintenance, rectification and upgrade services include:

If you are in need of a specialist who knows what is required to fix issues with your building, contact our offices today and let us know the scope of your project so we can get underway.