Trust: just as important in building rectification as new construction

20 December 2022
By Chris Jakovljevic

Recently we achieved a 4/5 gold-star rating under the NSW Government’s new rating tool (iCIRT), provided by Equifax. I’m most proud our perfect score of 12/12 for industry conduct.

We are the first, and only, remedial builder to be listed on the registry of trustworthy building practitioners. At the moment, only 20 builders are publicly listed on the register as ‘trustworthy constructors’.

All this got me thinking.

The building and construction industry has faced lots of challenges in 2022; a shortage of skilled labour, supply-chain issues and material shortages, escalating prices, lots of changes and uncertainty around operating rules, regulations and COVID-19. This has added to the complexity of doing business for all concerned parties, including property owners, building mangers, strata managers, engineers and consultants.

The iCIRT initiative was originally launched to help consumers buy residential units from reputable building practitioners. It was designed for new property development to improve transparency and help buyers identify more trustworthy builders and developers.

What does this mean for you?

I believe we need to debunk the assumption that iCIRT is only relevant for new construction.

Assessing who you can trust is important no matter what the sector; be it new construction or building remediation.

Now more than ever, the remedial industry stands to benefit from greater transparency and a benchmarking standard that will help property owners, building mangers, strata managers, engineers and consultants make better informed decisions.

As awareness around iCIRT grows, we expect that more prospective property owners and clients will see value in asking for the iCIRT rating as a gold standard of trust across the industry.

What’s ahead for Remedial

While this is great achievement, and testament to our 50 years’ of experience and strong capabilities in the remedial industry, we’re on a journey of ongoing process improvement and operating excellence.

We believe in best practice standards and working diligently to achieve the best outcomes for property owners and clients, every time. 50 years is a long time to be around; the heart and soul of our company is built around trust.

The new year will see us grow our business by continuing to invest in our people, systems and processes to gain and maintain trust and deliver on our promise of quality workmanship for the people that rely on us.