Simple reasons why you should change your external windows and doors

8 March 2021
By Chris

If you live in an older apartment building, or work within an older commercial block, you may have noticed a few things which you get frustrated by. It may be as simple as a door which doesn’t shut as well as it should, or a window that gets stuck, or whistles when it gets windy. Or maybe you look at the peeling paint and think ‘Why do we have windows which look to crappy?”.
The truth of the matter is, old windows and doors can have detrimental affect on your building for a number of reasons: financial impact from looking less than ideal, energy efficiency issues, noise issues and so much more.

On the off chance that you are contemplating the need to replace the windows and doors in your property, this article aims to give you some insight into why doing it sooner than later may be advantageous.

Improve energy efficiency

If you have doors and windows which are not air tight, which are an older manufacture and thus not insulated against temperature variations, then chances are your energy bills are too high.
There are numerous window types which work to put less strain on your HVAC systems by protecting, insulating, and regulating temperatures. The right energy efficient windows and doors can lead to savings of up to 30 per cent on your heating and cooling costs. And if you are near the water, tinted windows or windows which work to reflect ambient light from the water can also be advantageous.

Block Noise and Keep Your Privacy

Once upon a time your apartment building may have been separated from those around by a few houses. Today however, with a move towards more medium density living, there are more apartment buildings being built than ever before.
As a result, your privacy may be impacted where it once was not, or the ambient noise from traffic and more people in the area may be greater than before. New windows can be an essential part of improving your peace of mind, blocking noise and assisting well-being for large residential, commercial, and industrial complexes.

Old, dated windows and doors (especially balcony doors) do little to keep outside noises out, and inside sounds in. Where you put in place sound-insulating options, the greater your chance of reclaiming some of the peace and quiet you had previously come to enjoy.

Aesthetic appeal and building value upgrades

Savvy investors recongise that a well spent dollar now can reap rewards into the future. The replacement of old windows and doors can make an absolutely astounding transformation to the aesthetic appeal of a building (irrespective of whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial building).

Whether you are a single owner within a strata, or perhaps the strata manager, putting an argument to the body corporate about the potential increase in value (not to mention the other advantages we are covering off) from an investment in new windows is one which will be beneficial – even if it is into the medium term, rather than the short term.
Similarly, if you are undertaking other property upgrades such as render repairs, painting, spalling repair or otherwise, investing more in terms of replacing your windows will be money well spent, as not only will it improve your insulative and acoustic properties, but the windows will then be in keeping with the other works undertaken.
The availability of a wide array of window and door types, sizes, colours, finishes and hardware styles basically mean you have a large scope with which to help you achieve the overall look you are going for.

Easy Maintenance

Sustainability can be increased by replacing your current windows and doors with new quality options that feature advanced designs and features such as easy-clean, durability and easy to maintain opening mechanisms.

Added safety and security

Simple fact, newer windows and the locking mechanisms that come with them are more sturdy and robust than their older counterparts. This basically means that security is improved. Manufacturers have taken great pains to improve not only the mechanisms however, but also the glass within the doors and windows. In fact, certain manufacturers have developed window options designed for Australian buildings which can endure up to 40 hits from a bat prior to having their structural integrity affected. Multi-point bolts and locks additionally offer added strength and protection.

Another perspective when considering window safety (and especially sliding doors) is that of glass quality. Dependent on the age of the doors and windows, the glass within them may not be tempered and designed to shatter into small almost harmless fragments. Rather older windows often shatter into shards which are sharp, dangerous and capable of doing great personal harm.
Conversely, Laminated glass has a polymer interlayer that holds the glass together whenever broken making it safer.

Clearer Views

The build-up of long term condensation can fog up home windows and doors in the long haul. When you see the rest of the world through your new energy efficient windows and doors, you’ll be asking why you didn’t take the leap sooner!

Re-imagine Your Home

Windows and doors assume a much greater role in the feel of your home than you may suspect. By replacing yours, you can update the design of your home, improve it’s performance and add value, all without costs. It is easy to make a statement with style, as long as you find a manufacturer offering an assortment of custom shapes, tones and choices. Check to ensure they meet the Australian Standards and that they can manufacture windows and doors suitable for your environment (Bush fire ratings for example).

At the end of the day, our message is this: Don’t over think things, changes to your doors and windows could be a simple thing which greatly improves your building.