Structural Repairs: A Look into Crack Stitching

27 September 2018
By Jeff Anderson

Building Trends; they come, and they go, but one trend that has stood the test of time is high-quality brickwork. In fact, bricks remain one of the most interesting and beautiful building materials today. Seen in a variety of heritage buildings and even high-end residential and commercial structures, masonry showcases a timeless aesthetic appeal and has a durability that’s hard to beat. Because of its low maintenance and its ability to withstand even the most severe of everyday weather, brick continues to be a clear choice of property managers and building owners.


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Bricks are not perfect though. Just like any other type of material, they also experience deterioration which is usually brought about by poor construction, water ingress, and other structural issues. Cracks forming around columns, walls, slabs, and foundations are common; many of which can be fixed through crack stitching.

What is crack stitching?

Crack stitching is a concrete crack repair method wherein fragmented walls and bricks are mended and reinforced. A number of rebar stitching materials are fitted and grouted in between crevices to re-join and seal bricks together. This process is done in order to get rid of gaps, making the masonry more stable and resistant to further cracking.

Why choose crack stitching?

Crack stitching is a good repair system because unlike other methods, it is inexpensive, quick to do and the process is non-intrusive. Furthermore, the repair does not require a small army to do; a two-person team will often be able to do the job quickly and safely.

Is crack stitching the best method for your masonry repair needs?

If the brick cracks found in your building are minimal and contained to one area only, there is no question that cracks stitching is likely to be a good choice for you. Nevertheless, it is best to determine the cause of the damage first to know what repair system will work best.
It is also essential to learn about the extent of the cracking especially if you believe that it has affected the structural foundation already.  If you want to understand your issues better and work towards preserving the masonry of your heritage buildings or the building you love, consult a Remedial specialist today.