The advantages of Carbon Fibre

26 July 2018
By Hamish Anderson

Over our many years of business we have seen time and time again (most recently at the Governor Hotel in Macquarie Park) a situation arise where a slab which was designed to be adequate for one intended use, is now no longer adequate for a new activity. As often as not, this change may be driven by a change in tenants (supermarkets moving into a building often cause issues for building managers who need to increase the capacity of the slab), a building upgrades such as more floors being added or a change in use.

Unlike the construction process, however, adding more steel to the concrete is not a viable solution. What is, however, is the application of carbon fibre to the underside of the area.
Working with our qualified structural engineers to determine the ratio of carbon fibre strips needed, we have successfully applied this solution to countless structures – from bridges to commercial facilities, to carparks and more.

If you are caught out looking for a solution which can add strength to your existing slab, the advantages of Carbon Fibre have been well documented for many years and we have many case studies which we will be happy to discuss with you.
Give us a call and we can walk you through it.