The Lifetime Value of Your Floor

17 September 2014
By Hamish Anderson

You’re in business, right?

You know the importance of ensuring that your assets work as hard for you as possible. That the good work you put in shows rewards in spades. Why do marketing to get people in the door, if you are going to give them lousy service, or if you are going to serve them an inferior product?

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Similarly, once they have bought from you, why would you not look to retain them with ongoing service, service which makes them want to use you again? If you can get them to do this, the cost of acquisition will go down, whilst their value to your business goes up. This is the Customer Lifetime Value proposition (albeit, watered down).

It got us to thinking though, when you are next considering the replacement of your flooring surface – be it a commercial floor, a wet room floor, or a non-slip ramp – make sure you consider the price you will pay for it. Not only the upfront payment, but the cost to maintain it, the costs of cleaning it and the cost of any downtime you will have in laying the floor.

The later is one which many people do not consider, but if you are closed for business for 2 or 3 days, the cost of laying that floor increases exponentially. That’s why at Remedial, we offer after-hours service, coming in when you close up, working through the night and preparing the floor for you to be ready the next day.

So next time you look to consider a business purchase, make sure you weigh up the true cost of the floor, and just how good the value of it is.