What to Expect in 2013 From Remedial Blogs

9 January 2013
By Hamish Anderson

Happy New Year! Welcome back to 2013, a year we hope is profitable, healthy and successful for you all. In the time over the break, a few of us discussed the direction the blog should take this year. What we decided was that we want to have a distinct bias towards providing you with more useful information which has a practical use for you.

In line with that, we want to pack our blogs with DIY tips, tips on minimising your maintenance costs, provide insight and links and generally make it easier for you to preserve the condition of your building. If you have any suggestions, questions or otherwise which you would like us to cover off, please comment below and we will come to those. Some of the topics you can look forward to though in the next weeks include:

  • DIY flooring maintenance tips
  • Common flooring surfaces and their advantages
  • The importance of fire rating and fire retardant materials
  • Fire safety tips for your building
  • Potential Signs of concrete cancer
  • How we repair concrete cancer on a high rise building

Of course, should you want other information on things such as ways we can help you treat concrete cancer on your building, or the reasons you should consider a non-slip floor, or the importance of fire rating your steel, then please, browse through the website.