White Paper – Fire Rating an Iconic Heritage Listed Building

7 June 2012
By Jeff Anderson

Earlier this year, independent research and testing laboratory Exova Warrington finalized a report on a recent project which Remedial Building Services were proud to be a part of. Through 2011, international company ABI Group contracted Remedial for the purposes of assisting in performing upgrade works to the Iconic, Heritage-listed building, the Brisbane Town Hall.

Built-in the 1920s, Brisbane Town Hall is a Brisbane landmark, however, the structural issues which were manifesting were threatening the short and long term viability of the building as a public venue. One particular issue which existed was the structural adequacy of the concrete floor slabs. Not only was concrete cancer becoming evident, but as importantly, the decision was made to upgrade the building’s fire rating compliance and safety.

Working closely with ABI Group and Warrington, Remedial undertook a series of tests to determine the best methodology for ensuring the slabs were not only reinstated but would achieve the required Fire Rating Limits required.

The report handed down by Exova Warrington found that the thin film intumescent treated slabs did achieve both the aesthetic requirements demanded a heritage-listed building and the fire safety engineering specifications required under the BCA, in the most cost-effective way possible. The report concluded that there are a number of lessons for the Fire rating industry, for fire safety engineers and clients which can help into the future. A copy of the Exova Warrington report into this Case Study can be found on our site.