Who we are – A Remedial Building Services Overview

13 May 2021
By Jeff Anderson

You may have noticed (or if you are new to the blog – welcome) our habit in these blogs is to give you a smattering of information about an area we think will add value to you, the reader. We don’t necessarily want to bang on about who we are, but through recent meetings, people wanted to know a bit more about the company behind the advice and solutions. So, today, we make an exception as we provide you a top-level overview of just who Remedial Building Services are.

We were established in 1969, as a provider of specialised building and flooring solutions throughout the greater Sydney area. Over the years, thanks to the advancement and evolution of the market, client needs and ageing buildings, today we offer a wider range of services. These entail large projects in the commercial, government, hospitality, multi-dwelling residential, and educational sectors.  We’ve developed a team of qualified professionals and tradesmen, and we take the business of providing the best advice and best service, very seriously.

With more than 50 years’ of experience, we are one of NSW’s most trusted providers of residential and commercial building solutions. However, we don’t just operate in our home state anymore and have expanded our operations to service the needs of clients across the three Eastern states of Australia, helping us to develop a reputation as a leading Building Repair company through Australia.

With a pioneering spirit part of our core, we continually utilize best-practice and seek to employ and train the best staff, certified methodologies and products with a view to providing the best quality work possible. Our approach is not to be seen as an industry only provider, meaning we work as closely with product suppliers, engineers and industry bodies as we do with Body Corporates, Strata Managers, business owners and Facility Managers.
We take pride in our level of expertise and commitment to provide only the best building solutions, and as such have a number of accreditations and memberships we value:

  • ISO9001:2000 accreditation
  • ISO14001:2004 accreditation
  • ACRA membership
  • SCA membership
  • HIA membership
  • Facility Management Australia Membership
  • Strata Community Association
  • Master Builders Association (Australia and NSW)

What Remedial offers to commercial and industrial clients

Building maintenance and repairs

For more than 50 years we have been offering integrated building maintenance and rectification services; working with engineers, strata managers and owners’ corporations to understand precisely what is required, what the limitations may be and to offer solutions that address both the issues you can see, and those you perhaps cannot.  Our scope of building maintenance work, rectification and upgrade services include:

Building Upgrades

Upgrades can comprise a simple or total overhaul of select features, ranging from the purely aesthetic to addressing both structural issues and the buildings appearance. As you may be able to tell from previous blogs and our site, our experience refurbishing the external facades of some of Sydney and New South Wales’s more prominent buildings is extensive, but by no means the only work we do. In fact, we work quietly behind the scenes on a number of other buildings applying remedies and rectification as required.

Cladding replacement

As documented through the news, our blog and the pages of others in the industry, building cladding which had become the default design element of architects and those involved in new construction and refurbishment of existing buildings is under intense scrutiny due to the sad loss of life involved in a few buildings which had used cladding with a flammable core. Because the NSW government has mandated this old, combustible cladding needs to be replaced in line with the new standards set down by the ABCB, we offer services which help bring a building into compliance.

Concrete repair

Our speciality lies in identifying and undertaking concrete cancer repair for residential and commercial strata buildings, commercial premises, and industrial complexes. Many people mistakenly believe that a coat of paint, or in “more extreme” circumstances, replacement of affected concrete is enough to fix the issues described above. However, concrete repair requires more than these aesthetic approaches since these approaches fix the visible signs but mask the real issues underneath. A few blogs which you may want to read on this can be found below:

Facade repair

No two facades are the same. Sure, they may look the same, but differences in workmanship, building settlement and environmental factors, means that the way one façade ages or breaks down will be different to another. We take the time to identify the circumstances that lead to calling the Remedial team and then develop customised solutions for each client based on budget and desired results.

Flooring Solutions

When it comes to commercial flooring or floors for industrial use, the choices, and determining what is best for your space can be difficult. Polished concrete may look good, but may not provide the non-slip surface you need for your workplace. Similarly, tiles may look great, but the grout may mean that the constant foot traffic you have erodes the grout making it a haven for bacteria – something you cannot afford if you have a hospitality business. We advise our clients on appropriate solutions to suit your requirements, be it a floor for a restaurant, food production, pharmaceutical production facility, showroom or workshop.

Express flooring services

We recognise that for businesses, time is money and closing up shop while lengthy renovations are underway is simply not an option for many businesses. Our express flooring service minimises the impact on your business as we can expedite the job from start to finish, complete the entire re-flooring of your building outside of your hours of operation by expediting the job from start to finish.

Fire Upgrades

Keeping your Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) up to date is essential for safety, but also a requirement under law. As the BCA is continually upgraded, over a period of time, most if not all buildings will end up receiving a council fire upgrade notice identifying the current standards which that building fails to comply with.
We have a number of fire-engineers and other qualified specialists who will work with you to implement the changes you need to guarantee your building is compliant. Furthermore, we can work with you to ensure that any council served upgrade orders are resolved to the highest possible standard. Our range of upgrade services includes fire penetrations, fire doors, thin film intumescent as well as safety audits.

Structural repair work

With more than 50 years’ experience and with independent certification – including ISO 9001, 14001 and AS/NZ 4801 – we guarantee quality workmanship and a specialised structural building repairs and maintenance solution for your apartment complex, hotel, or commercial building.
Furthermore, we have successfully applied structural solutions to various high profile Heritage Listed Buildings such as the Department of Education Building in Sydney, The Myer Building in Brisbane and the YHA complex in Sydney.


We are regularly viewed as one of the most knowledgeable and professional companies in building waterproofing services with our broad experience across large residential, business and mechanical properties. We identify the original issues and make an effort to guarantee they do not occur again. We will undertake extensive substrate investigation, analysis of flashings and other elements around the slab to figure out what measures to take and the most effective and viable waterproofing system for the particular job at hand.

Balcony repair

Leaking balconies are relatively common and extremely serious as they can be an extreme liability due to the safety risk they pose to tenants. They also have potential to cause substrate damage and water ingress into the interior of a property.
Our staff are experienced in the identification of leaks, devising solutions and implementing the latest waterproofing technologies, to ensure all balconies are restored and the problem elimintated. Furthermore, as part of this we can replace balustrades and ensure their overall compliance to the Building Code.

Heritage Building Upgrade and Maintenance Works

We have worked with engineers, government departments and trusts on a portion of NSW’s and Australia’s most notable buildings in our 50+ years. Known for their architectural and design significance for an era gone-by, we have the skills and passion to develop specialised methodologies which ensure the building’s heritage is preserved, whilst the structural integrity meets the requirements to ensure the building lasts for many more years to come.

Home warranty claims

In cases of defective workmanship during the construction of a building, we collaboratively work with the insurance provider as well as a consulting engineer or building consultant to carry out rectification works.  We incorporate both structural and aesthetic issues, including common claims such as faulty waterproofing, defective window installationstructural issues and concrete spalling.

This is just a brief overview of the work we provide. If you would like more information, then please, give us a call or send us an email and let one of our team organize a time to come and talk to you.