Why You Should Consider Commercial Flooring Alternatives

22 March 2016
By Remedial

For over 40 years, Remedial have specialised in the application of flooring solutions for commercial application. Today, our commitment to commercial flooring solutions is as strong as ever.

Commercial flooring spaces including public areas, hotels, commercial-grade kitchens and restaurants require a long-lasting flooring surface that achieves 3 different objectives.

  1. First, it must suit the nature of your business operations,
  2. it must meet workplace safety requirements, and
  3. thirdly it should have a strong aesthetic appeal.

In the past, for reasons of price or beliefs over the efficacy of the surface traditional flooring options have included sealed concrete, tiles or vinyl, but with technology constantly offering innovations in terms of construction materials and visual appeal, the options available today gives owners and managers, a lot more flooring options to consider.


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Risks of Traditional Materials

While traditional flooring options seem to be an attractive short-term solution when you want to have your business up-and-running as soon as possible, we strongly recommend the flooring is replaced with more suitable and modern options into the medium term. Aside from the fact traditional floors generally wear out faster, there are a number of safety concerns that these flooring surfaces also pose, including

  • Unhygienic. Polished concrete, tiles and vinyl tiles may seem impervious to water, but it in reality, these surfaces are the perfect place for water to get caught. Cracks and small gaps are ripe for bacteria growth, and if not cleaned immediately, can cause complications for kitchens and other spaces where food preparation is undertaken.
  • Slippery floors. Many commercial kitchens have a floor tile solution as when new or freshly cleaned, they can look very good. However,  floor tiles may be attractive with their clean, sleek look, but they tend to be slippery when wet. Owners and managers try to circumvent this with the use of elevated rubbing matting, but this in itself is not a solution as the uneven surface can then cause a tripping hazard.
  • Trips and falls. Whether it is a slippery surface, a cracked tile, a turned-up vinyl tile or similar, the truth is surfacing which come away from the substrate beneath represent a safety hazard for trips and falls. Where people are carrying heavy boxes, tools or knives, slips and trips represent a workplace health and safety nightmare.

Resin Flooring as a Flooring Alternative

There are many benefits to using resin-based solutions over a well-prepared substrate.

  • First, it provides a seamless surface that significantly reduces water seepage and bacteria growth,
  • They are ideal for high traffic areas as they are hard-wearing
  • They can be designed to be aesthetically appealing
  • You can select the appropriate slip resistance required for your circumstances
  • They have wide application in wet work areas such as hotel kitchens and wash bays.
  • They are also known to be chemical-resistant, making it great for pharmaceutical laboratories and factories.

MMA Flooring for Time-Conscious Business Owners

The use of methyl methacrylate acetate (MMA) technology provides a flooring material that is similar to epoxy in many aspects including having resistance to corrosive products and inhibiting bacterial growth. The advantage of opting for MMA flooring though is that it’s quick to apply. Just hours after application, people can walk on it and large plant machinery can be reinstalled. This quick-drying application means you can reduce your downtime and be up and running almost immediately.

The Remedial Building Services Advantage

Applying resin-based solutions inclusive of but not limited to epoxy or MMA flooring for your commercial space requires the services of an experienced floor solutions provider. Experts who have the ability to identify the underlying causes of your problem, who can recommend solutions which are both economical and long-lasting or who have installed thousands of flooring surfaces can help you with your needs.

At Remedial, we understand that not all commercial spaces are the same. So contact us immediately and speak to one of our experienced team, to learn more about our flooring solutions and about which option will best suit your business.