• Commercial and industrial building works

    Maintaining a commercial or industrial building is no mean feat. Everything from fire egress through to cleaning and safety of building occupants must be managed efficiently and on time. The same is true of structural building maintenance. Failure to maintain the building or delaying necessary works can impact the structural integrity of the building and cause ongoing complications.

    At Remedial Building Services our focus is on providing the best specialist building rectifications and upgrades. From the rectification of leaking membranes and window flashings, to building joints, to rectification of concrete spalling, our team works to provide cost effective, timely and second-to-none services to building managers, strata managers and Owner’s corporations around NSW. Our services include:

    • Concrete repair
    • Carbon fibre strengthening
    • Joint repairs
    • Flooring repairs and upgrades
    • Heritage Building upgrades
    • Façade repair
    • Balcony upgrades
    • Window replacement
    • Arch bar and lintel replacement
    • Removal and replacement of reinforcing
    • Waterproofing
    • Brick ties

    At Remedial we have leveraged our skills and experience across thousands of projects. Here is a selection of some of our projects showcasing just how diverse our solutions can be.


    Remedial Building Services take Recycling in Construction vedry seriously
    The importance of recycling in Construction projects

    10 January 2022. By Lorna Vaurasi

    At Remedial, we take recycling very seriously, and have over-arching and site specific plans that work to reduce our impact on the environment – today and into the future.

    delays to undertaking repairs can lead to complications, increased repair costs (because things get worse) and lead to longer repair times as the damage is more extensive
    What is Deferred Maintenance: Why Time is a Factor in Repair Work

    30 November 2021. By Jeff Anderson

    The problem as regards the absence of consistent, proactive repairs, is that funds end up being diverted to the increased costs associated with deferred maintenance each year. In this blog I break down why attending to repairs early is clever business.

    Our safe-work approach is lead by management
    The Importance of Building Site Safety

    16 November 2021. By Lorna

    At Remedial we understand that poor health and safety procedures at a site lead to a range of negative consequences. Human safety is our primary concern, however, the impacts of poor workplace safety extend much further than just the effect on people.