Don't let you choice of industrial or commercial flooring partner be a poor choice – a choice that could end up costing you thousands! If you have an issue with your floors, we can help.

At Remedial we believe there is nothing more important that the floor beneath your feet. This is because, not only does a problem with your flooring have an impact on your productivity, it can pose serious health and/or safety problems to you, your staff and your customers.


There are many types of commercial and industrial flooring options available, including:


  • Chemical-resistant epoxy mortar toppings for industrial laboratories, hospitals and science rooms;
  • Non-slip floors for wet areas like the kitchen’s washing section or for high foot traffic areas such as bars;
  • Impact-resistant coatings generally for industrial floors, warehouses and access ramps; and
  • Hygienic floors that meet Australian standards.


What to look for in a Flooring Solution Partner?


There are multiple factors to consider when looking for the right flooring solutions provider.


  • Do they take the time to understand the underlying problems before making recommendations?
  • Can they provide multiple solutions or do they promote just one?
  • Do they have experience in the application of floors for your industry?
  • Do they understand your budgetary concerns?


A good place when considering your flooring solutions partner is whether they meet industrial standards, including:


  • ISO 9001:2000 – an accreditation that proves the company can consistently deliver services and products that meet governing requirements and customer satisfaction;
  • ISO 14001:2004 – proves the company operates with environmental care in mind;
  • AS/NZS 4801:200 – proves that the company applies occupational health and safety measures; Australian Concrete Repair Association membership.


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    The cause of your flooring troubles is yet to be determined, but common causes include improper installation of existing solution, incorrect choice of floor covering for the environment and general wear, tear and damage. Things you should look out for include


    • Cracked tiles
    • Slippery flooring surface
    • Hazardous chemicals leaching into the surface
    • Wear and tear

    The Importance of Getting Flooring Right

    According to the Key Work Health and Safety, 2015 report, Falls from the same height (including slips and trips) is the 3rd most serious claim mechanism of injury in Australia, representing 14% of all claims. In a time when compliance to Health & Safety regulations is something to be celebrated, can you afford to get your choice in flooring wrong? Below are a series of media stories, showcasing the financial cost of getting flooring wrong.


    • In February 2016, the NSW District Court has ordered a Coles supermarket based in western Sydney to pay almost $300,000 to a shopper who slipped and fell near a refrigerated cabinet. Read More
    • In January 2016, burger giant Hungry Jack’s was fined $90,000 by the Industrial Magistrates Court for breaches on workplace safety related to the case of a staff member who slipped and fell into an open container of 135C cooking oil. Read More


    Browse our selection of case studies below to understand how our team has helped businesses meet their unique flooring needs time and time again.

    Taronga Zoo

    Taronga Zoo wanted the floors in their toilet blocks to be non-slip, easy-to-clean and traffic-and-impact resistant. Remedial proceeded with the project while minimizing the disruption of the zoo's operations and maintaining low visibility from the patrons. The end result was a toilet with safe, easy-to-clean-and-disinfect floors that are durable enough to endure constant cleaning.

    Symbion Consumer

    Symbion Consumer required a non-slip floor that can withstand high levels of traffic as well as hot water washing of more than 85C. Because the usual epoxy or MMA flooring solutions weren't suitable, Remedial devised alternative solutions to satisfactory meet the client's requirements.

    Doltone House

    Doltone House, one of Sydney's premier reception houses contacted Remedial to address an issue with water seeping through their kitchen floor into the offices below. We came in and removed the floor tiles, bedding and waterproof membrane before installing a new waterproof membrane, slip-sheet and epoxy resin to reinstate the floor to the standards required.