Beak & Johnston

Industry: Industrial

Type of work: Concrete Repair, Repairs and Upgrades, Structural Repair

Beak and Johnston are a major supplier of retail food products who recently required an expansion of their production facilities in order to meet increased demand for their products. The company decided to construct a 3500m2 processing plant which required the installation of new flooring that could withstand a high volume of foot and vehicular traffic, as well as exposure to chemical and food waste. As Beak and Johnston’s preferred supplier of flooring solutions, Remedial Building Services was called in to provide an analysis, flooring recommendation and quote.

Once our recommended flooring solution and quote were approved, we started the project immediately, working closely with the appointed building team. We expertly applied Ucrete polyurethane flooring in order to create a floor that was safe, hygienic and resistant to the physical and chemical strain to which it would be exposed.

To enhance the longevity and quality of the flooring we included a bauxite broadcast aggregate in place of the more commonly used, but less effective silica sand.