Food Manufacturer, Botany

Industry: Industrial

Type of work:  Concrete Cancer, Repairs and Upgrades, Structural Repair

In July 2017, a leading food manufacturer called on the expertise of the Remedial team to apply protective coatings to the columns, walls and ceilings of one of their key plant rooms. Measuring some 500m2, and with 100m2 of walling surface and 32 columns, 4700mm high, the task ahead was significant, especially as the client was only allowing the room to be closed for a total of 10 days.

Furthermore, their requirements were quite specific, so after ongoing consultation with both the client and Dulux, we determined the optimum solution – a water-based, 4-coat system.

No machinery was removed through the process, so extensive preparation work was undertaken to protect the machinery and conveyors from cleaning agents and the paint itself. We utilised a combination of portable aluminium scaffolding and scissor-platforms to access the ceiling and tops of the columns, whilst also spanning installed machinery.


With the room set up and protected, the team used high-pressure washers over a series of passes to clean the ceilings, walls and columns. With the surfaces left overnight to dry, we returned the next day to remove all unwanted dynabolts and other extrusions and then undertook the required concrete repair – 20 patches in total averaging 1m2 each using a modified high build repair mortar.
With this first phase completed we applied Dulux Acraprime to prime the surface, followed by two coats then multiple coats of Dulux Enviropoxy WBE. This solution was found to be the most durable, and hard-wearing solution which would meet the demands of this particular room.
Finally, we resealed the sprinkler pipes, broke down the site and cleaned it for the client to return to work – on time – with no interruption to their scheduled production.

Satisfied with the work undertaken, the client requested we perform the same treatment to two other areas measuring 430m2 and 3400m2 respectively.