Food Preparation Area – B&J

Almost 5 years ago, Remedial were engaged to prepare a flooring surface at Beak & Johnston in a food preparation area. With the floor having withstood the test of not only time but foodstuffs, cleaning materials and general foot and machine traffic, we were called back in late 2017 to help prepare the floors of two newly constructed food preparation areas measuring 500m2 and 650m2  respectively.


Our first task was the construction of 300mm high hob surrounds which would allow us to not only bund the area but also achieve the requisite falls to drainage which we would need given the large area we needed to protect. With the hobs completed, we left the site so construction teams could continue to install drainage, the panel walls and other elements required for the area to become a fully operational food processing and production area.


With the construction complete we were brought back to site during the quiet Christmas Holiday period and worked to prepare the flooring surfaces by diamond grinding the entire surface to not only remove dags and construction materials but to ensure we could get adequate adhesion between the epoxy surface and the slab itself.
With the floor vacuumed to remove all dust and debris, we applied a 2mm scratch-coat epoxy with a 100mm turn up on the hobs to ensure no water or materials would penetrate under the surface and cause issues. With this complete, we then further applied a 6mm polyurethane topping to ensure a hard-wearing, attractive flooring surface.

Finally, the hobs were sealed and a broadcast bauxite aggregate applied as well to give it the required finish.