Governor Hotel, Macquarie Park

Industry: Commercial

Type of work: Carbon Fibre, Commercial Flooring Solutions

Macquarie Park in Sydney has for the last two to three years, been the scene of major upgrades in terms of both infrastructure and commercial development. From new housing to commercial precincts and infrastructure the area looks nothing like it did before work began.
Recently were appointed by The Governor Hotel to provide services to help get them ready to launch to the public.


With the slab ready to go, the Remedial team were called in to turn a simple concrete surface into a durable, non-slip flooring surface across their public bars, back of house and kitchen areas.
The owners recognised that whilst concrete flooring is durable for most wear and tear, hygiene factors, Workplace safety and ease in cleaning meant that a surface such as an epoxy was needed. Our team worked to apply a two-coat epoxy solution in the clients chosen colours, helping to make the surface safe and ready for business.


The Governor hotel makes great use of outdoor spaces with BBQ and alfresco dining on the second level. What the client had learned, however, was that the 110mm existing slab was insufficiently strengthened to bear the load.

Our team recommended the installation of carbon fibre strips which act as a flexible, yet very strong enhancer of the concrete surface. Not only do these fit snuggly onto the existing surface making them hard to see, but they offer a very cost-effective solution in adding load-bearing strength to the slab.