Kellogg’s Dycem Flooring Solution

Industry: Industrial

Type of work: Industrial Flooring Solutions

Dycem is a world-leading polymeric surface, which is both soft and supple, but more importantly, able to remove 99.9% of  foot and wheel-borne contamination, as well as up to 75% of airborne particles from entering unwanted areas.
For a food prouduction facility, the benefits of this are enormous. Not only does it reduce the time and effort required to make traffic eligible to enter a facility, but it reduces the risk of contamination, something that could cost Kelloggs significantly were it to occur. .

Dycem is smooth surface that creates a natural tack and high degree of short-range electromagnetic force that captures particles.
We were contracted to supply this solution in the ingress corridoor to one of the Kellogg’s plant’s production areas as they were looking for a solution which is easy to clean, simple to maintain, and which can be ncorporated into existing Standard Operating Procedures. Having identified the high level conformance of Dycem, the corridor  was perfect for application as it conforms to the manufacturers recommendations – an area of at least 6 footsteps or 3 wheel rotations.

With reduced critical area cleaning cost due to less contamination entering the environment, this solution is both a sound economic investment, as well as a tactical WHS and food safety measure that will serve Kellogg’s for many years to come.