Macleay Street Apartments, Potts Point


With sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, Potts Point and the Sydney CBD, the Macleay Regis apartments are quite the prestiguous address.
With architecture representative of a bygone era, the Remedial team were presented with the task of not only repairing the underlying structural issues plaguing the building, but with the requirement of ensuring that all works undertaken were done in such a way as to maintain the aesthetic character of the facade of the apartment building. With a building of this prominence, this was no mean feat.


Over the course of some 14 months, there was a significant amount of structural and aesthetic repair work to the building. Structural work included

  • Brick replacement
  • Concrete repair
  • Installation of heleties
  • Application of new waterproof membranes to the balconies

With the structural repair component complete, we then addressed the visible aspects of the building, including

  • Repairs to external pipework
  • Brick repointing
  • Treatment of handrails
  • Replacement of windows
  • Painting as required

With such a prominent position high on the hill in Potts Point, the job was not without its challenges – driving wind for example – however, all works were completed to the satisfaction of all involved.