Manildra Group, Bombaderry

Industry: Industrial

Type of work: Industrial Flooring

Located in Bombaderry, Remedial have had the pleasure of working for the Manildra group on a few occassions, laying new flooring solutions which are capable of withstanding the harsh chemical environment found in a food manufacturing plant – inclusive of cleaning chemicals, and the harsh natural acids found in sugars and fats.
For this specific project we were invited back to treat the gluten tank and starch pump areas which had over time, eroded and become unsightly and dangerous.
The first priority was to build a temporary epoxy hob around the working area to stop the flow of water between the different zones of the plant. With this in place, we washed the area with a high-pressure alkaline detergent to remove the surface residues and expose the slab underneath. We then force dried the area with gas torches.

With the surface clean we were able to better identify key areas requiring jack-hammering to remove residual contamination, and those areas where diamond grinders and shroud scrabblers would suffice. With the area fully cleaned we made good to level the surface as required, and then cleaned it before adding a minimum 10mm Hychem Hycrete SL polyurethane floor coating which was trowel applied by our team.
All in all the area treated was approximately 250sqm and the result was one the client is very happy with.