Myer Centre, Brisbane

Industry: Commercial

Type of work:  Concrete repair, Façade Repair, Heritage, Painting and Coatings, Repairs and Upgrades, Structural Repair

Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall boasts the longest heritage-listed façade in Queensland, making the building an invaluable architectural icon. When the mall required restoration to both the façade and the structure of the building, Remedial was called in to provide our unrivalled building rectification services.

Due to the high foot traffic in the area, we worked closely with the building’s engineer and the Myer Centre management team to ensure that the safety of pedestrians and employees was prioritised throughout the works. We also worked to minimise disruptions in the form of dust, noise and pollutants. The work carried out included:

  • Removal of spalled concrete
  • Removal of toppings
  • Removal of asbestos-related products
  • Removal and replacement of selected bricks
  • Render repairs
  • Carpentry Upgrades
  • Treatment of iron-work
  • Installation of electric cabling and lights
  • Chimney restoration
  • Metal roof repairs including anti-corrosive treatments

All works were completed to the satisfaction of Brisbane City Council, Myer Management and the Queen Street Mall Merchant Association.

The structural integrity of the building was restored while the historical integrity of the building remained untarnished. Today thanks to our restorative works, the Myer Centre continues to be one of Brisbane’s most iconic historical buildings.