Toyota Oakdale

Industry: Industrial

Type of Work: Industrial Flooring Solutions

In 2018, the new Toyota Oakdale facility was nearing completion. During the end of the first half, our flooring team were called in to apply two flooring solutions to two key areas of the new complex. The requirement was that the surfaces offer durability to withstand heavy traffic and chemicals and also be non-slip. In the Mezzanine level the solution also needed to be visually attractive.


As the workhorse of the facility, we were requested to apply a coating which met several key criteria. Having understood the long term requirements of the area we specified the application of Sika 264T a two-component solvent-free high-build epoxy coating which is perfect for heavy-duty and even decorative finishes..

Measuring just over 3500sqm, we constructed bunds around the Battery Charge area before, preparing the newly poured slab with diamond grinders, vacuuming and cleaning it. Then we applied the first of the coats using rollers.
Once the first coat was dry we applied the second coating, including a fine gauge 60# mesh before painting on white guide and safety lines around all operations areas.


This 8300sqm area is a site to behold. The client requested that we prepare the new timber flooring with a product that would provide good non-slip qualities without compromising on aesthetics or durability.
Our first task was to belt-sand the surface edges and use a fine paper to smooth the majority of it. We then applied Hychem E100 primer and two coats of Hychem SF20FG – a durable, chemical resistant epoxy resin with the second coat also incorporating a fine gauge 60# mesh.