Waratah Avenue, Randwick

Randwick has a rich cultural history, from being the home to the largest Aboriginal community in Sydney at one point to being a hub of prosperity and architectural significance with significant houses constructed such as Ventnor overlooking Coogee Beach.

It is no surprise then, that Randwick counts several red brick buildings which are well known for their architectural significance.

On the corner of Waratah Ave and Belmore Road, is such an example. With arched windows and detailed brick fascias, there is a strong neo-gothic architectural style to this building which makes it very memorable. Having withstood the elements, human impacts and pollution for a number of decades, the building had come into a state of ill-repair when Remedial Building Services were contacted to help restore it to its former beauty.


With the scope of works defined by Alan Wright engineers, the Remedial team got to work on restoring the structural and aesthetic elements of the building. Over a 9 month period we:

  • Replaced and installed new heleties
  • Removed all windows and replaced them with windows which were in keeping with the facade, yet which offered superior noise and thermal protection
  • Painted
  • Sourced like-for-like bricks and re-layed large sections of the brickwork which had delaminated or become unsound
  • Repointed the entire building
  • Installed new cappings
  • Put in place new ties to the awnings to improve the structural strength

Through continual communication with the Body Corporate and the residents, work was completed with minimal disruption for residents. Residents were given multiple options for times which would suit for window replacement so that they could plan their lives around it with minimal impact on their day-to-day.