Wondakiah Apartments, Waverton

The Wondakiah Apartments, located on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, required extensive rectification work to remedy waterproofing issues, implement required fire safety upgrades and repair cavity walls within the units.

This project required Remedial to work off both a fire engineer’s report and a separate engineer’s report regarding the waterproofing issues and balustrade upgrades. Due to the extensive scope of the work, we broke the project into three key components to be completed over a 24-month period.

1. Internal Rectification

The fire engineer’s report identified an inherent risk in the building which required the installation of solutions to bring the structure into compliance.

Remedial devised and implemented a procedural methodology for carrying out the required works which was both highly efficient and also minimised the impact on residents. This stage of the project included:

  • Installation of protective coverings for carpet and furniture
  • Removal of sections of the gyprock ceiling
  • Installation of fire-rated sealant to the nexus of the ceiling and wall
  • Installation of dampeners to bathrooms, kitchens and laundries
  • Restoration of gyprock elements
  • Painting
  • Removal of protective coverings after completion of work

2. External Elements – Tower Buildings

Working to the specifications set out in the second engineer’s report, we conducted the following works on the external tower buildings:

  • Rectification of waterproofing issues
  • Rectification of flashings
  • Concrete repair
  • Lintel replacements
  • Render repair
  • Tiling
  • Joint installation
  • Painting
  • Installation of new balustrades

Work on the tower buildings was completed to the delight of the residents and superintendent engineers with no notable issues reported.

3. External Elements – Decking

The engineer’s report identified latent issues with the decking which were allowing water ingress through the concrete slab, resulting in efflorescence (a crystalline salt deposit) which was dripping onto cars below. Remediation works included:

  • Removal of plants
  • Removal of pavers and concrete topping slabs
  • Application of a new two-layer torch on membrane system
  • Replacement of all slabs, pavers and garden elements.

This project was completed in late 2016.