Large Residential

At Remedial our focus and speciality lies in the rectification and maintenance of large residential complexes – apartment buildings, strata titled properties and properties managed by Body Corporates. These properties and the nature of the problems they experience have become our core focus and area of expertise.

Our Approach

The City Futures Research Centre report was commissioned to identify issues with the management of major repairs and maintenance of common property in residential strata properties. It was undertaken to asscertain what was being done and is commonly overlooked. Interestingly, within this report it was stated that

“Repairs and maintenance are arguably the most important aspects of strata scheme management to get right. From a consumer perspective, these activities affect the lives of the thousands of people living, and investing, in strata titled properties. These properties are people’s homes, and in many cases their principal financial investments.”

At Remedial Building Services, our approach to repair work encompasses this. This is why we actively work to solve the issues affecting strata buildings in a way which minimises the impact for building occupants whilst also minimising the financial burden on the owner’s corporation. We will work with other independent specialists – engineers and architects – to identify issues within a building, and to determine what needs rectification now as to achieve these outcomes for all parties. Where work needs to be done now to prevent more damage and lower the cost of repair, we will make the suggestion. Where there is time which can be afforded to the project, we will report the issue, yet leave it for another time.

Building Rectification specialists

At Remedial Building Services we concentrate on one thing – providing the best specialist service for building rectifications and upgrades. We offer services which improve the structural integrity of the building, and as part of this, will assist in aesthetic upgrades such as façade upgrades to your building.

From the rectification of dilapidated balconies, to the waterproofing of the roof to rectification of concrete cancer, we work to provide cost effective, timely and exemplary services to strata managers and Owner’s corporations around NSW. Our services include:


At Remedial we have leveraged our skills and experience across thousands of projects. Here is a selection of some of our projects showcasing just how diverse our solutions can be.


Strata Schemes need to change. Red building with signs of defects - Remedial Building Services
Why Owners’ Corporations are Unfairly Unprepared

14 August 2023. By Chris Jakovljevic

We are increasingly seeing a rise in complexity, a reduction in the available hours people have to dedicate to their Strata scheme, and an increase in the prevalence of building defects. Something needs to change.

Balcony safety is paramount. Learn what you need to know
Ensuring your Balcony is Safe and Compliant to the Code

4 July 2023. By Chris Jakovljevic

A study released in 2020 found that over a 22 year period (1998-2019) there were 381 falls from balconies and windows. Often these were due to non-compliant balconies. In this blog we discuss what you need to know about balcony safety and upgrades

Tall building - This requires expert working at heights knowledge
Working at Heights – What you need to know

26 June 2023. By Lorna

Australian work culture has for too long propagated a “Don’t be a wimp” attitude, which has seen employees chided for taking risk precautions. We do not subscribe to this in any shape or form and believe creating a safe work environment should be the top priority for any employer or contractor; especially true when working at heights. Read on