Council Order Rectification

Understanding the requirements of your council order to upgrade essential fire services.

Have you ever paid attention to your Annual Fire Safety Statement – otherwise known as your AFSS and do you know what it is?

Your AFSS is a legal document all commercial and residential buildings are required to have on display in a public place such as the entry lobby. This document lists all the essential fire services within the building and the standards that apply to the installation.

By law, owners of a building are required to ensure all occupants within the building are safe, thus, keeping your AFSS up to date is essential. Given that building codes are continually being updated, over a period of time, most, if not all buildings will be served with a council fire upgrade notice. This council order will identify the fire safety standards which will need to be rectified in your building.

At Remedial, we have a team of qualified experts who will work with you to provide the most cost-effective and compliant solution.

Our range of upgrade services includes:

Contact us today to ensure your building is compliant and any council-served fire upgrade orders are resolved to the highest possible standard.


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