Heritage Restoration

Recognised for their age and beauty, as well as their architectural significance, maintenance or conservation work on heritage listed buildings requires specialised expertise.

If you’re looking to protect, restore and strengthen your heritage-listed building without compromising the architectural and design details that make it historically significant, Remedial can help. Having worked with engineers, government departments and trusts on some of Australia’s most iconic historical buildings, we recognise that the restoration of heritage buildings requires meticulous attention to detail.

Long history in conservation works

For over 50 years, Remedial has delivered maintenance and restoration to the standard befitting a historical landmark. We believe in balancing the rectification of structural issues while maintaining the architectural and design features that are part of the unique character of the building.

Let us help you restore your building to its original beauty with services in:

  • Façade and reinforcement replacement and renovation
  • Cementitious and epoxy repair mortars
  • Replacement of Balustrades, windows and doors
  • Electrochemical treatments
  • Carbon fibre strengthening
  • Brick growth rectification
  • Coating and painting
  • Arch bar and lintel repair and replacement
  • Expansion joints and joint control
  • Corrosion inhibiting protection
  • Flashings and cappings
  • Crack injection.


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