Multi-Purpose Flooring Systems

Take the guesswork out of selecting the right flooring for your unique needs.

With so many flooring options on offer, you may be unsure of which flooring type is the most appropriate for your building.

When it comes to industrial and commercial flooring, our advice is to focus on resilience and versatility as well as aesthetic considerations.

Since 1969, Remedial has been providing solutions to suit a range of commercial flooring and industrial flooring requirements.

Some of the multi-flooring solutions we offer include:

  • Chemical resistant mortar toppings
  • Concrete dustproofing
  • Non-slip floors
  • Colour matched flooring
  • Impact resistant coatings
  • Hygienic floors to meet Australian HACCP standards
  • Alteration of levels
  • Low VOC solutions

Contact our team to discuss your commercial flooring and industrial flooring needs.

Choose the experts in express flooring

We understand that for many businesses, closing shop while lengthy renovations are underway is simply not an option. That’s why we specialise in the provision of express flooring services which minimise the impact on your business.

Our express flooring service will see us operating out of business hours to limit any downtime – perfect for commercial kitchens, restaurants and cafes; we can apply variety of technologies including epoxy, polyurethane, vinyl ester or Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) systems to ensure a quick turnaround time.


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