Waterproofing and Membranes

Repair and replace membranes and ensure your building is watertight and protected against water damage.

Correct waterproofing technique is of paramount importance when it comes to ensuring water leaks don’t occur again.

Whether you have an issue that you can’t identify or have a scope of works identifying what needs to be done, you can have total confidence in the Remedial team. We will work with you to investigate the substrate, analyse flashings and other structural elements around the slab to determine what measures to take and the deliver a waterproofing system that will protect your building from any further water damage.

The waterproofing systems we offer include:

  • Liquid membranes
  • Torch on membranes
  • PVC membranes
  • Butynol membranes
  • Tanking membranes
  • Hypalon bandages including Combiflex
  • Cement based ‘negative waterproofing’
  • Crack injection using epoxy & polyurethane materials
  • Polyurethane, silicone and polymer sealants
  • Grout injection using gravity and high
  • pressure pumps
  • Retro-fit waterstops

With over 50 years’ experience across residential, commercial and industrial properties, Remedial is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable companies in the waterproofing field.

No job is too demanding. We have applied our waterproof membranes to several large and complex jobs around Australia including the Department of Education Building and Reserve Bank of Australia.

Contact us to find out more about our waterproofing methodology and how we can work together to achieve the most effective and viable waterproofing system for your project.


Contact us for more information and to arrange a quote.




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