Window and door replacement

Improve the value of your building by replacing windows and doors.

You may be considering replacing the windows and doors of your building for both functional and aesthetic reasons. In addition to keeping occupants safe and secure, windows and doors can enhance your building’s value.

At Remedial, we have extensive experience in the replacement of windows and doors for strata complexes and commercial office spaces.

We employ talented carpenters and work hand-in-hand with consultants and leading manufacturers to determine the best aesthetic and structural solution ahead of developing a repair methodology and commencing the replacement work.

There are a few signs that your windows or doors need replacing. These include corrosion of the framework and hinges, or you may notice the ingress of water, wind or excessive noise.

The key advantages of replacing your windows and doors include:

  • Increase in value for your building
  • Improved thermal efficiency, including water and wind ratings across the building
  • Prevent water and wind penetration (particularly for waterfront properties)
  • Noise reduction
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Enhanced safety performance

In Australia, all windows and doors must meet mandatory minimum specifications. Contact us for advice on the standards required when replacing your windows and doors.


Contact us for more information and to arrange a quote. 




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