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Spalling On Underslide Of Slab - Concrete Repair - Remedial Building Services
Why Concrete Spalling is Worse on Ocean-Front Apartments

13 April 2020. By Ian

Last blog we talked about the role strata managers have in helping fight off concrete cancer. In this piece we discuss how ocean-side apartments potentially have it worse and specifically dissect why, living near the beach may affect your property. In fact, we will help you understand why the probability of concrete cancer is higher in structures by the sea than those salt-free locations.

Concrete Cancer -Concrete Repair - Remedial Building Services
A Strata Manager’s Guide to Building Maintenance

7 April 2020. By Chris

According to the most recent figures available, in Australia approximately 9% of the population live in an apartment spread out over some 2.6-million strata lots. For those of you who manage these residents and buildings (estimated at around 4,300 full-time, dedicated and hardworking strata managers), you know how much work is involved in staying on top of things. This is a go-to guide on concrete cancer repair and other building maintenance to-dos that strata managers can take advantage of.

Commercial Kitchen Floor - Flooring Solutions - Remedial Building Services
Flooring Considerations for Your Commercial Kitchen Fit-Out Costs

26 March 2020. By Goran

If you are looking to open a new club, restaurant or café, the fitout can be a very exciting time. Where to put the furniture, deciding on the lighting, the speakers all the way down to the paints and colours. The kitchen which is the workhorse of the operations may be fitted out with the latest and best equipment, but in this article, we’re going to share with why the right selection for your commercial kitchen flooring needs to be a top consideration when setting budgets and designing your space.

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Applying Intumescent Paint To Steel Column - Fire Rating Solutions - Remedial Building Services
Sustainable Building Construction: Looking at the Future

11 February 2020. By Jeff Anderson

Love her or hate her, people like Greta Thunberg are forcing people to talk about sustainability and the environment and this is in turn forcing industries to consider change. So how is the construction sector keeping up with calls for sustainability? We’re going to dive into it and give you some insight.

Flooring Solutions And Brick Wall - Flooring Options - Remedial Building Services
Why Dycem Floors Are a Better Choice for Your Facility

30 January 2020. By Hamish Anderson

Here’s a little know fact, but one which can have significant bearing on your business; one of the factors that affects your product yield and your staff’s productivity is the type of flooring installed in your facility. Find out why Dycem non-slip mats are your best option.

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Exposed Rusted Reinforcement - Concrete Cancer - Remedial Building Services
The Most Common Concrete Cancer Causes

27 January 2020. By Chris

Discover what causes structural steel to corrode and learn about the most suitable concrete cancer treatment for your building.

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Balustrade and Windows - Façade Repair - Remedial Building Services
Why a small job may be bigger than you think

19 November 2019. By Hamish

Many people think that small repair jobs are straightforward and easy to repair. However, whilst they are sometimes, at other times, what people see as a negligible flaw or something minor can actually be a cause for concern. The trick is to know what to look for. Let's break it down in this blog for you.

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Balcony Work - Façade Repair - Remedial Building Services
Structural Repair vs General Repair

26 July 2019. By Jeff Anderson

Not all buildings are the same and thus, no two “repair jobs” are the same. Sometimes a simple piece of handyman work will suffice, other times, there is need for structural repair. What we want to do, is help you distinguish between structural repair and general repair as the two terms are not interchangeable really. And we write it to serve as a guide for owners and building managers to identify when to call for general repairs and which building conditions are deemed appropriate to call in structural repair specialists – like Remedial Building Services.

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Damage Brick Wall - Structural Building Solutions - Remedial Building Services
Dealing with Building Defects – A legal snapshot

13 November 2019. By David

We all too often see the ramifications that delaying the required works can cause when everything gets caught up in arguing over who to blame, so we thought it useful to explain a few key points as regards building disputes and will look at your legal rights when it comes to fixing defective building work.

Damage Column At Cherry Brook Shopping Centre - Concrete Repair - Remedial Building Services
The Severity of Rust Stains

18 October 2019. By Chris

The presence of rust is a manifestation of corrosion, a potentially serious issue which can lead to structural issues. Because rust is a swelling on the metal, it pushes the surrounding materials outwards, causing more moisture to get in which thereby weakens the strength of the structural material. Thus, much like the iceberg that sank the titanic, if you only look at the parts you see, you will miss the devastation that awaits under the surface.

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Waterproofing Flat Terrace - Water Leaks Repair - Remedial Building Services
Different Types of Commercial Waterproofing

1 August 2019. By

In this blog, we want to provide you with an overview of different issues caused by water and then provide insights into the different methodologies/options available to you for the protection of those areas subjected to water.

Balcony Work - Façade Repair - Remedial Building Services
Is Your Balcony Safe and BCA-Compliant?

9 July 2019. By Jeff

Whilst less reported, incidents of falling have become more prevalent than drowning in the pool or the bath. In this blog I talk about the Building Code of Australia’s requirements in keeping your building’s balcony and balustrades safe and compliant with the standards so you don't contribute to the statistics!

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