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Building Upgrade Using Cladding - Structural Defects In Buildings - Remedial Building Services
Fire Rating Cannot be an After Thought

3 May 2012. By Paul Vessey

The planning process for building works is a time intensive one. Whether you are an architect, engineer, builder or the client, you know the time put into making sure the smallest details are covered off and the structure will be nothing short of brilliant when it is built.

Remedial Team on Site - Structural Repair - Remedial Building Services
Mineral Fibre Barrier Fire Rating Test Results

14 September 2011. By Jeff Anderson

Earlier this year, Independent certification boday Branz undertook to test the fire rating properties of Nullifire B747 when used in conjunction with Mineral Fibre board.

Commercial Kitchen Floor - Flooring Solutions - Remedial Building Services
Not All Kitchen Flooring is Created Equal

5 August 2011. By Russell Muller

Fitting out a commercial kitchen is not exactly the most affordable exercise. From the ovens, to the dishwashers, to the knives, fridges and all the other accoutrements that go with a kitchen, the costs can run up very quickly. AS such, when it comes to the flooring surface, we've found that many owners tend to go for the 'lower cost' alternative. Too often this means that tiles or vinyl are laid in the kitchen.

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Concrete Needs Repair - Concrete Spalling - Remedial Building Services
True Cost of Deferred Maintenance

18 April 2011. By Jeff Anderson

For some time there has been debate over the alternative solutions to concrete and structural repair issues. Some argue that treating the visible signs and monitoring them closely is a solution, whilst others put forward the thought that rapid response will ultimately lower the long term costs to the owner.

Posted in: Concrete cancer, Strata, Structural repair

Carbon Fibre Strips To Wall - Building Structural Issues - Remedial Building Services
Carbon Fibre – Reinforcing Concrete Buildings

7 April 2011. By Jeff Anderson

The upgrading of building structures, be it for structural rectification purposes, or for a change in use building use, has always been associated with significant financial cost. Whilst the procedure may be inhrently necessary, the cost associated with upgrade has often meant the proposed work is delayed. When the decision to go ahead is made, more often than not, steel and concrete has been the chosen methodology to achieve the outcome. Whilst the advantages of Carbon Fibre have been well documented for many years, it is often overlooked due to a perceived higher cost than the concrete/steel combination.

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